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Romy the Cat

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Looking for something different: horizontal language.
Another day I was visiting one audio blog that had a large report about a private audio installation and the event around this installation. The installation was celebratory to say at least and the equipment was something that would make any senior audio person to drool. The music was crap as usually but this is not even under discussion.  When I was looking at this report I was incredible bored and I ask myself way I am still looking at all of it. This is much less existential question then many people think. 

 Audio is not simple. To have a very elaborate playback installation that would be truthfully deliver in context of listening room the sonic environment of a concert hall is incredibly difficult and many people spend life to try accomplishing it, still many of them never succeed. Even if they do and do enter the very excusive club of “serious audio installation” (there are few of them in the World) then they still do not address (in my view) the true audio goals. Ironically the true goals of audio have absolutely nothing to do with complexity, elaborateness and magnificence of audio installation and with fidelity/truthfulness of sound reproduced in listening room, no matter what the idiots from TAS would tell you.

Being involved for years with audio people I need to say that very few of them have proper audio perspectives and it in no way related the elaborateness of their audio installations or even the results that they got with their home audio. The blog that mention above was focusing on the all “external”, “impressive” aspects of that celebratory audio installation – something that I care less because I know more. What stoked me was that we have only vertical language to talk about audio and if the person who was making afforest to convey his experience would be willing to express something in my view meaningful then he needs to embrace very different horizontal language, the language that never was developed in audio. The fanny part is that the horizontal audio language is immune to presence of audio elements, components and to anything else that insists in the realm of “external audio”.

I am not trying to say anything. All that I am expressing that during the last few years I more and more loosing the interest to the “vertical audio” and to the entire irrelevant BS that vertical audio comes with. On another side I am very far from the Morons who are looking for exoteric audio ingredients and run around audio with shaman’s drumming. Audio is tricky and the appeared simplicity of audio is very deceiving. Some people do not exit the deception state of mind and it is… kind of boring.

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
10-15-2013 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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Art or science
hi romy,
it seems the audio review is concerned mostly with the science of reproduction of sound "event", it is easier language than the the language of aesthetics in an art form.  
funny that when people go to a museum and have an emotional reaction to a painting, they go to the museum store and buy a poster for their home. no one would bother trying to write a review that the poster is just like the real thing.  people do the same thing with their CD bought after the concert, but now there is a whole industry to tell us that if we buy the right power cord we can recreate this event in our listening room. its like if people go out and buy some black and white paint and recreate a jackson pollock in their living room instead of buying poster, then they go online to discuss best brushes to use.

it is not so much a reply to your post, as you aren't looking for one, but a general comment. i am not trying to say anything either.
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