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Romy the Cat

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Long time due: Digital Phono Converter
Paul McGowan look like will be releasing soon PS Audio new devise NuWave Phono Converter. Read the release and see what it is.


Unquestionably it is a very proper product, or I would say a family of products. The pro audio people for years has A/D and D/A processors built in one unit but Hi-Fi folks unfortunately lacking it and we for year used pro audio devises. Now PS audio enter the market with such a devise, complimenting it with own phonostage, surprisingly implanted in both analog and digital. For sure no one knows how good the implementation would be and this is key for such a unit. With today technologies what PS Audio is trying to make might be done very easy and it is very easy to obtain ANY sound. However to make the NuWave A/D and D/A processor s to operate at the level of let say Pacific Microsonic and to have  NuWave SS phonostage to operate at the level of let say Boulder 2008 phono stage, put it in one box and let to have input and outputs from each section would be truly a phenomenal accomplishment, if it will of cause.

I do not see an ability to use multiple phono inputs, I think two phono inputs is very worthy to have for all around phonostage. I do not see an ability to have digital input and to use the devise as a stand along D/A processor. The function of A/D converter if I do not want to you the RIAA equalization does not look like  there, but it is possible that RIAA  might be bypassed via menu. I would prefer to have it as a separated input as no one wants to reconnect those cables.  Also, it would be nice to have the unit be able to perform D to D operation, like rate conversion or bits redaction. I very much would like to see as well an ability to have clocks in and out, if you run the devise with your DWS than you want to slave your DWS to the NuWave’s master clock. For adding a very little to the unit the NuWave migh get rid basically a few boxes from the shelves and that would be great. Rehabs if PS audio get any success with this devise then would go do next revision, perhaps more expensive and will allow more connection flexibility.

I am a bit disappointed with the fact that NuWave operates by DSD instead of 4s or 6x PCM but I guess that is the stupid fashion of nowadays. Also, it is a bit disappointing that NuWave does not offer an ability to change the EQ curves, at least when the unit runs digital phono equalization.

Still, I feel that the PS audio move is in right direction and I hope many others will follow. How good this direction will be is questionable  - it will be all contingent upon the sound those units will demonstrate.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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Digitized vinyl in different flavours
A related point: isn't it odd that few are offering digitized renderings of rare and important pieces of vinyl commercially, perhaps played through a selection of parameter variations on some very high quality turntable? Given that quality vinyl playback is so much more expensive than digital -- and so much harder to get right -- there would seem to be an attractive gap in the market, provided the copyright issues can be overcome. Indeed, Romy, if you were to do this with your vinyl collection you'd probably make enough cash to acquire it twice over, quite apart from the educational value to the audience.

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