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Romy the Cat

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Appearance of listening rooms and musical association.
I always said that appearance of listening room has own harmony and in many cases just a look at a listening room gives you an internal image about the music you associated with the room’s feel. My own listening room has different feeling at day and night. At nigh the room feels, at least to me, very much Brucknerian or something along the lines of Bach BWV-593 third movement. At day my room feels to me kind of non-musical at all and feels feel more like a family living room. When I ask Amy what  music our room associated to her with she told me that it is very much Mendelssohnian to her. Well, she for sure made a lot of efforts to convert my man cave into Mendelssohnian ornamentation.

Rooms for sure have “feeling” to be something. For instance I show this morning to Amy this room and asked her what composer is associated for her with this room.


She instantly replayed that it would be John Adams. She is stop on! What a wonderfully-sensual Kitty!

Feel free to post in this thread the listening room but only if they associated for you with a specific classical music style, composer or piece. 

The Cat

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de charlus
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Listening room associations...
Looks a little Gorecki to me - make of that what you will....

de Charlus
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