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How to manage audio power cables.
This is very ugly topic as I have been looking a solution for years and I do not have a consensus with myself regarding this. I have 21 AC power consumers in my playback. Well, the 21 that require good power, another 8 might be plugged to the utility wall and have no relativity to sound. Naturally what you have 21 elements that clustered together you have a lot of power cords. The audio components sit what they need to be seated and they all powered from one source, in my case a PP regenerator. So, you can imagine that it has 21 cords, different length, different brands, different girth and etc. That all looks and fell ugly not to mention that it is hard to manage. I wonder if anybody found a solution for convenient and functional power cords management?

I have seen some folks make it nice and neat laying the cable as IT professionals lay their network cables – in tight parallel bundles. It for sure look very slick but it is bad for sound and I feel that power cables have to cross perpendiculary. Also, in many cases audio elements have external power supplies (and has plenty of them)  that in many instances run DC to the load and the DC cables need to be as far and as perpendicular as possible to AC cords.

Now, I am not one of those who feel that AC power cords have no difference to sound. I believe that is very stupid to feel that power cord able to impact sound but it is also very stupid to deny it. In my past I have plenty of expensive and very expensive power cords. I still have in basement the one that I paid near $2000 - you need to work out for a year in gym in order to bend it. So how to combine the quality of the power cords and the fact the some element need to have some specific cords with power cords manageability?

I few years back an audio guy that I know did something very smart. He went to China and ordered a few dozen miles of 6 feed power cords for a few cents each. As he bright them to US he marketed them as super-duper, fancy audiophile cords and the price was consequential. The cords were flying away like crazy and actually did sound very good. I am not want to make the brand and to promote those cord – the guy have bought a few BMWs from this gesheft with my help.  The reason why I brought the story is because I feel that there is a next level in that business – to make custom distributed splitter power cords. It is what I am considering to do with my playback.

Pretend I have one or a few let say 6Ga mail power receptacles and in one spot they all split to 21 female receptacles. The length of the individual 12ga receptacles is exactly what I need for my specific setup. That would be wonderful for me and this might be a good new business for a some kind of cable company.  A customer would supply the layout, length of individual lead, shielding and grounding pattern of each individual run and the company ship drop it a few days. They might send before a few test cables to let a customer to select the type of the wiring he or she wants.  I think it might be a fare business.

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