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03-12-2012 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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A fundamentally faulty JohnBlue Tweeter?
I have no idea what this Tweeter is. The reference to the aerospace aluminum alloy and Lamborghinis very much suggesting that the tweeters are crap and the guy who make them an idiot. But will not be too fast with conclusion and I am accustom to see in people only positive things… :-)


The claim that the “biggest problem of super tweeter” is sensitively is very foolish statement. Sensitively never was a problem with tweeter. The site state: “High end users often attempt to attenuate the efficiency level by decreasing the sensitivity of the midrange driver.” People do it with MF juts to much LF not to match tweeters. Also, the site said that MF runs from 110-118dB/W. Who the hell runs 118dB.? I would like to see the 118dB driver – it does not exist!

Also, the site states: “For most super tweeters on the market, users are often suggested to use frame resistance to attenuate the sensitivity and efficiency. However, frame resistance has a detrimental effect to the sound. There are many good capacitors in the world, each with its own unique characteristics of sound style. You can try different brand capacitors to see what they do to the sound. Our crystal super tweeter uses effective capacitance to divide frequency and adjust the volume or level into six (6) levels”. Sure, it is possible to roll off volume of the tweeter with capacities moving the tweeter on transition slope. I did with in past and it do works fine. However, what do they do with time time-aligment as they change the capacitance? As you can see the tweeter has no calibrated slot to move is along with change of filter. If so, then the solution is fundamentally faulty.
Romy The Cat

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