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Kloss 5-way horns setup.

The AA guy with name Kloss runs on side a company “KCS loudspeakers”


I do not think he does anything with his company. He is known for years helping other DIYers like himself to make theirs loudspeakers. He never was too much into Sound but rather into boxes building and drivers mounding – what they call “loudspeakers”. Nevertheless he felt that he is full flash manufacturers – who not – whatever makes him happy….

Recently Kloss  moved from basement boxes with drivers to something resembling more or less Macondo configuration. It is 5 ways with Fostex tweeter, 3 conical sectional horns and looks like one mono bass horn. The 3 conical sectional horns look like 70-80Hz, ~220Hz and ~350Hz. The last one looks like uses a compression driver the mid-bass and lower MF use non-compression drivers The horn have own frame in the back and pile up one atop another. It is hard to say how the horns are crossed.




The horn are strangely organized the run from bottom to top with HF build up atop – this never works. The MF and HF beg to be move to middle and I think as time goes by Kloss will do it. It still is a bit tricky as his use too large horn at the bottom. In Macondo configuration 36” of the bottom horn is something that keep the MF at more or less reasonable ear level.  You might go away with 40 or 42 incher but I think in Kloss case he has 50”. With this diameter it is VERY hard to put MF and HF above it and do not screw up presentation from the speakers. The only known to me way to do it is to run the high-pass on the midbass horn relatively high but it cause many other problems. Anyhow, I feel that the Kloss appetite to go for too large upperbass horn was irrational as he will have hard time to balance the system sonically, integration or visual-wise.

If it was my own system then I would try to compress the upperbass horn vertically by cutting the top and bottom cords, thankfully with conical horns it is very easy to do. There is even better solution: to put another smaller upperbass horn in the location of the current and move the current large upperbass horn atop the current tweeters – thankfully Kloss looks like have high ceilings.

Saying all of it I have to admit that with up-closed picture the upperbass horn looks un-proportionally large but with far away picture the upperbass looks fine. From the far away picture it looks like the room has no width to host those speakers but no one knows if it is the final location.

Anyhow, I think this was a first take for Kloss in the realms of more or less serious acoustic system, let see where would itlead him.

The Cat

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