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The 68 dipoles imitation by QOL
I read the article by Robert Harley about the BSG Technologies’ QOL devise:


The article follows with Barry Goldfarb interview, which is in my view more interesting.
Robert Harley is tamest for his “soft rape” approach when he with unintended semi-intellectual words-waxing selling to public incredible crap and faulty ideas. I do not insist that in this case it was the same “soft rape” demonstration but I would like to point out the QOL existence and Harley’s efforts to sell it.

I did not hear the QOL devise and I do not know if I agree strategically with the idea of multiple dipoles. I know very much what Barry Goldfarb objectives were and I know people who used multiple different (up to 120!) loudspeakers divers, nakedly hanged in random locations and they feel that it give to them some benefits of phase randomizing.  Essentially the QOL devise as I understand does the similar effect and I do not know if I would like it.

Still, it looks like QOL sales direct with 30 days free trail and has remotely operating bypass switch.  That is fair and this is who it needs to be sold. The fact the QOL engaged the “help” of Robert Harley of cause makes the things a bit unattractive but I am not taking about QOL as collection of people but rather about the QOL as the sound reproduction concept. Anyhow, I have no my own experience with the devise but my predication is that if Robert Harley was recruited to sell it then it most likely not good and has own negative toll.

Romy the Cat

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