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Romy the Cat

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My playback can’t play loud.
I know the people who visited me and know how Macondo performers would say that I am crazy. It can play very loud and very clean while it does all loud tricks. From certain perspective I can humble state that very few people in audio able to get the dynamic range my playback can furnish.  Still, I consider it does not play loud. I have volume, have size, I have gravitas, I have all necessary proper attributes and accents but with some recordings, OBJECTIVELY BAD RECORDINGS, I have no option for playback to play loud. I wonder if exist any method to deal with it? I am not talking about simple digital decompression or digital contra-limiting (that add dynamics but kill everything else). I am rather thinking about some kind of algorithm that would do real time dynamic-injection that would be in total control of myself. If I were a conductor then I would know how to implement dynamic enunciation but my tools are not orchestral sections or individual instruments but audio methods. Can audio methods to restore or override the improper dynamic configuration of bad recordings?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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For real instruments louder is a color
Practically, a modern orchestra plays more "safely" for a recording. This most certainly limits the tonal palette from any or all of the instruments. There is less for audio to reconstruct.
If we are talking about more "vintage" recordings with a gain riding engineer, remastering could restore some of the more obvious manual compression artifacts. As the original colors respective the original dynamics are present, we would have at least something to gain.
Me being a trumpeter, I teach color to my students. We have a very red or orange fortissimo with lots of overtones. The question that I would have for playing loudly is what the listening room does with the pressure. A strong trumpet in a smallish room is not friendly...

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