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Romy the Cat

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Memories of audio elements.

I have written about it multiple times but the site has become so big that it is getting hard to find anything that took place in past.

Anyone knows that amplifier and particularly tube amplifier need some times after they get turn on to sound acceptable. For tubes amps it usually 30-60 minutes as the hit the default sound if the amp works regularly. If amp did not work for some time, a few days for instance, than it might take a few hours to burn the amp to put the sound of the amps back to the norm.

What however, if very interesting that if you burn in after some prolong listening interlude then burning in with music coming from the amps is not the same as burning in without music. This is in a way in the threshold of being ridicules but it is what it is. Take signal from your cartridge, remove the EQ from your phono-corrector and drive it to your preamp. This will for a few days take your preamp out of proper sound and it will take 2 days of operation by normal single for preamp to recover.

So, I do propose that audio element by some mysterious reasons have memory. Amplifiers and some cables do remember what happens with them before. It might be related to the dielectric domains long-trim polarization that takes some time to develop. It might be something else that I do not know.  Still, the short term memory does exist in audio electronics. Some would argue that audio elements have long term memory and I know celebrated idiots who insist that audio electronics embrace social environment and soulful human interaction. I would not go so far but I do feel that dealing with audio element we need to consider this immediate past.

In some case it is very obvious and in some cased it is bit hazy. If you have a driver that was not used for 30 year then probably it has resonance frequency that is 50% higher than it will be after it runs six months. Some electronic components’ behave in the same way and ironically I would insist the listening rooms need time to throe this sonic best, the rooms need time to warm up.

They are all very interesting subject and I home then will be considered by audio practitioners.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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