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Romy the Cat

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Not all audio equipment was born equal.



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I know, that for many would be quite unhappy to hear about it but it is very very very very very very frequently in audio that a name, a brand and a model of audio gear are not inclusive and all-encompassing indication of the given peace of equipment’s performance.

I’m not even talking about the specific application of a specific audio peace in context of a specific playback installation. I do not talk also about that fact of the personal objectives when a Moron-owner makes any, even wonderfully performing peace of audio, to sound like Moronic crap. What I meant was that if we have a Manufacture Brand and the Manufacture Model Name of this brand then it is VERY frequently that two identical units of that Brand/Model will yield very deferent results.

I am not knocking the manufacturers blaming low level of their quality control.  In some cased they do mistakes and in some cases (more frequently) they themselves do not know (and they do not know even why) that their sound drifted out. Some equipment is quite complex and capriccios and in very many cases the manufacturers do not know what was in their units responsible for better or worst Sound, so I do not feel that manufacturers in all cases have the sinister intends. Sometime the manufacturer’s vendors provide manufacturers with not good parts and since most of the manufactures never listen their gear since some kind of Atkinsons of Framers declared their products as the  “Component of Millennium”, then the end users might get very poorly performing” as is” components form a “reputed manufacturer”. Yes, it also happens, and I know quite a few examples, when manufacturers produce cheap and the defective components deliberately and consciously. Those manufacturer offer during the initial releasing-reviewing stage better products and then, since the gyroscope of audio consumption begin to spin, they supply their consumers with very diminished quality of own products that have severally compromised Sound.

In the end, audio person, beware. The name of brand and the name of model might be very deceiving and the only thing that maters is Sound that YOU get in YOUR listening room.

Romy the caT

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100000000% agree
i think this is true, most guys do not compare two identical components and this is hidden from their eyes but i know this is 100% true.Sometimes the difference is huge and even If you measure the identical components you may find different time/frequency domain result.I use analyser ososcope after break-in of new components to look at measurements.
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