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Preamp/linestage recommendations

I'm new to "Romy the Cat's Home Page," was impressed when I read a thread comparison of the Lamm L1/L2 linestage, which prompted me to post here.

While I'm not an electronic's wizard (gift is mechanical), audio has been part of my life, dating back to the early 60's. From that time, through to the 80's, audio products became high quality and reasonably priced. While many of these products are available today, as vintage audio, most are in need of repair or upgrading, while many haven't the resolution and detail that modern components can provide. What troubles me about the new stuff is how, in many cases, the quality is lacking, (in some cases, unstable and unreliable), while the prices are astronomical (non-sensical) . NOS tubes often sound best, but can and sometimes do fail in a short time. And, one can spend a great deal of time trying to find the right sound, combined with stability.

So, I'm writing to ask for preamp/linestage recommendations. I'd prefer a unit that's balanced, or, at least, has XLR outs (pre is separated from the amp by some 25') and it would be nice to have a phono pre included. I was leaning towards a Lamm, although I was unsure about it as their web site contains a great deal of fossil fuel, while "what you see is what you get" sure doesn't compare with the asking prices. I like Audio Research, but am told the new reference series sounds more solid state (is, essentially), the McIntosh 500t, but am not sure about these and also the Cary SLP-05, although, again, seems like a lot of money for what's inside (maybe I'm just out of touch).

In any case, would appreciate any and all recommendations.


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I know that it is not what you would like to hear….

John, I personally have tendency do not extend any purchasing recommendations, particularly with a very specific context:


.. and as far as I was able to observe this tradition stick to other posters of the site and no one recommend anything to anybody around here.  I think you will find many other sites where people will be willing to “recommend” something to you.

I very non-accidently brought the consent of “specific context” in the view. If you define the detail context of what you looking for if you use the main guiding consent that I advocate:


…then your will feel yourself that the questions of recommendations are not necessary. Yes, it is possible to ask for recommendations but in very different format and about very different things.

Sorry, for being not to useful but this is site about advanced audio not about “my next audio move”.  An advanced audio is concept that grows within own understanding. The next audio move is just behind the corner. It is what it is.

The Cat

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  »  New  Lamm L1 vs. L2 preamp..  L1/L2 & Police Breathalyzer...  Audio Discussions  Forum     5  73208  06-25-2005
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