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Romy the Cat

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47 Lab new turntable and new tonearm

47 lab from Japan introduced their new Koma Turntable 4724 with 4725 Tsurube Tonearm. I did not see them in US. Here is a link to the Japan reseller:


It is magnetic suspension with two platters rotating opposite direction. Interesting idea but I wonder if it gives anything besides a futuristic look in demo rooms.

The tonearm look like completely from another planet. It is Mass Separation System type – I have no idea what it means. The micro brush to truck the record's warp – I did not see this solution for a while on high-end tables. The price for the whole thing is about $15K.

I do not know anything about this TT and arm and have no expectation of any kind. I still feel kind of pleased that 47 Lab is trying to do something DIFFERENT. I did not see anything different for a while in TT. It looks like new 47 Lab TT and arm is their new advance into TT world. Good for them…

The Cat

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It is not new
The arm and the table have been around for some while, I think. I saw it at a Russian show 4-5 years ago. Otherwise I can only agree with Romy that it's an unusual design.

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