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Romy the Cat

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Accidental death music.
It is strange for the last could days in here.  I learned a couple days back that my neighbor has died.   He was in his 60s, He was pretty sick. It is not the he was a friend of mine. I have seen him a few times while I was working at my yard. We had a few conversations and it was about it. A couple of days he was meting his grandchildren, getting a haircut and the he died. Still he lived 500 feet from me and for whatever reasons it made me very personally sad.

I felt very strange last light and today in connection with Marty death. The strangeness was added by the fact that I was not able to listen any music.  I mean, the music was playing but I had very distinct feeling that it was wrong music for me. Even my Bruckner did not do it for me this time... I was literally was putting music on and took it off as it did not match to what I felt.

Then suddenly something clicked in me and my hands were starching to Brahms: what a universal remedy!!!  I got home at 3PM today and do you know what I was listening all day for 6 hours? It is again and again the very same CD and I can’t get enough of it today.  The recording is Adrian Aeschbacher plays Brahms Second Pianos Concerto in 1943 with Berlin and Furtwängler. It is magnificently transferred by LYS - the truly high-end transfer company, sadly also deceased.

The fucking German Composers - they are touchable in demonstration of cultural superiority. No fake, entertaining notes. No empty posing. No sentimentality. Just row expressions with honesty and stunning class. Listen what Aeschbacher does – the whole greatness of German culture stays behind his play. It is ironic that he played in 1943.

I wonder why accidental death of my neighbor and Greatness of Brahms? I have any psychoanalysis or psychologists, where are they when I need one, I need one to debug my Brahms unhealthy admiration.
What is in Brahms music is so supernaturally define?  Fucking Gernans - they are antiahs in dems  A month ago I got infatuation with 3rd movement of the 3 Symphony. I was listening it so much that my Cat stopped eating in protest. Now is the Second Pianos Concerto. I know what will happen tomorrow  - I will take it to my work…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Your lucky you can play music at work,, What a luxury,,  But Remember Death is part of life,,
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