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Course & guide on how to listen to music
Just what you need:  http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-to-listen-course-on-how-to.html
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Sean olive may be helpful to some
Harmon is interesting because they certainly take the most scientific approach. You take the great unwashed, put them in double blind setting, play them whatever, and see what they like more.

It is a more honest approach than telling them how expensive something was and baffling them with audio marketing, and then someone else telling them what to like.
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The Fraudulent Irrelevancy.

One shall not be Nostradamus to be able to foresee that I would religiously appose to this approach for playback evaluation.  I do understand why Harman would love it as it creates a sales tolls and the sales rationalization but it has absolutely no connection with healthy listening and healthy evaluation experiences. I feel that it is unfortunate that this type of public teaching is promoted.  This study need to be offers to the people who make sell audio, the retards of the Bob Rappoport caliber, in order them to have taking points when they deal with ignorant public, there is nothing else is valuable in this, in my mind.

BTW, this kind of reminds me what Bob Carver did in 70s. At that time his business was fixing TVs. According to the people who dealt with him at that time he devising a strategy how to convince customers that that the TV picture got better if a technician did not fix the actual problem or patched the problem  it with minimum expenses.  This fraudulent irrelevancy for good has became Carver/Sunfire the most indentifying characteristic and this is very much the direction to which Harman International leans, no surprise that they sonically destroy any single company they bought.

Dr. Sean Olive is payrolled Harman employee. I do not know him but I have a feeling that taking with his about Sound would be very similar to talking with Dr. Earl Geddes about sound. I am sure that both are very intelligent men but both most likely quite worthless if to have proper angle set about sound reproduction. No one question their knowledgably and dedication. Well, Leni Riefenstahl was also very talented movie director and her “Triumph of the Will” still is a cinematographic  landmark. Does it mean anything?

BTW, the absurdity of what Dr. Sean Olive is trying to sell was well battled 10-15 year ago by the UK Audio Note’s Peter Qutrup. Even though Peter is in the very same business with the very same objective as Bob Carver is/was but Peter is very serious listener (in my view) and a very good thinker/conceptualist about audio. The morons who organize CES, instead of making Dr. Olive to make his presentation in a room full of idiots from “Sound by Singers” and “Goodwin' High End” would better let Peter Qutrup to give a presentation about his cross-listening bridges to a room full of the actual Hi-Fi customers…

BTW, here was something in the linked seminar that did pick my attention. Does anyone know who made those spectacularly smart chairs that Harman use you for this room?


The Cat

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