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Hemp SR plug and listening room.
Since room acoustics are important, I'd like to share my thoughts on this device I recently acquired. This is not a review but some thoughts on how this thing changes the sound of the room, because that's exactly what it does, and in my opinion, only what it does. I will just quote my reply to the seller:


This is Herman from Chicago. Thank you for getting me the SR plug
promptly. First impressions of this device are positive: if fact, very
positive but difficult to describe. To sum up the very unusual effect
would be to say that music played through my system sounds more
"pleasant". This is an ambiguous word but my wife confirmed this
description. She mentioned that listening with the SR plug is "less
strenuous on the ears, easier on the head". This was confirmed by
switching the device on and off, the effect being quite prominent but
hard to pinpoint "what it is" for me, personally.

My theory on the source of the change that this device brings is
simple, and I cannot think of a different explanation. This is the
most practical way to describe the effect: SR Plug device effects NOT
the signal of the music, not the playback system or the speakers, but
the room acoustics and how we hear the room that the device and the
system is in. I would say that SR plug mellows, dampens, and controls
the room modes and reverberation. I say this because turning the SR
plug output to MAX, brings the effect of an anechoic chamber, sucking
the life out of the music and significantly reducing the bass output.
The music becomes too dry, clean and precise. And that is too much of
an effect that detracts for the pleasure of enjoying music.

And this is what makes this device so cool, in my opinion. One can
start turning the level of the SR Plug DOWN, until the room takes on
just the right level of natural reverberation and bass support. I have
the level set in the middle. This is like a variable room acoustics
treatment package of damping and diffusion. I think this is
indispensable if the playback room has acoustic problems, like my
room, with ceilings that are too low for the proportions of the room.
I use absorption and diffusion panels but this device is just as
effective, yet much more practical. In a properly tuned/treated
listening room, this device would be beneficial as well, I honestly
believe. It would provide a tunable level of natural ambiance that is
so hard to achieve -- for me, at least. And by the way, for what it
achieves, $280 is a really good value.

That's my take so far. How do you like it? Any down sides?


p.s. what is really interesting is to use this device in a very good acoustically tuned listening system/room. Would there be an improvement?  we'll see.
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