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MDTunes™ from SoundLab loudspeakers by… prescriptions.

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Our today’s guest is a distinctive doctor form America West: Dr. Roger West, the founder of Sound-Lab Loudspeaking Medical Devises. The Company specializes on manufacturing medical devises that dramatically expedites after cardiac arrest recovery. The technology that Sound-Lab employs for manufacturing or thier revolutionary devises was not invented by Sound-Lab but rather leaked into the medical field from existing civil engineering applications

Dr. Roger West recalls: “It was in the end of the 70 when I was searching for a mechanism to disassociate a hart condition patient from any irritations that the patients might face during his or her after hart-attack recovery stage. My primary objective was to enable a patient to experience an effect of a Sensory Deprivation Cambers where it would be no world temptation to affect the patient’s fragile perception of external irritations, my primary target were the Sonic irritations.  One evening I read about an invention of German engineers who built large sound-absorbing panels to protect these urban R&E developments from the noise radiated form the nearby autobahns. Suddenly, a revelation hit me. I instantaneously figured that if I would be able to introduce to those sound-absorbing panels a mechanism to actively tine the panels to attract sounds form outside then I would create an ultimate “Sonic Black Hole”, that would be beneficial to my hart attack recovering patients.

Next few years I spent researching and developing all imaginable technologies to bult large anti-sound panels”, - Dr. Roger West continued. “I trued anything you might imagine to kill sound, starting form a rectangulary-arranged large ikebanas of the finest cotton and ending with an acoustic labyrinth where Sound gets confused and become too sick to go back. Howevers, all my experiments were unsuccessful until I discovered that it is possible to build electrostatic loudspeakers. The electrostatic concept perfectly fit my initial intention. The electrostatic driver has two membranes: one for catching sound another for radiation it. Sound, caught by the first membrane converted into an electrical signal and then processed in our proprietary devise that we call Toroidal Audio Transformer. After then the signal returns back to the second membrane, that injects into the patient acoustic envelopment the medically sterilized sound that we call MDTunes™, or known to wider public as a I dipole sound”

I asked Dr. Roger West to explain what manifest the MDTunes™. He explained that MDTunes™ is a type of sound where dynamic range between the loudest and the softer sound do exceed 34dB and an attack of each note is filled with the resonanses of each medial peace of equipment in a given hospital. “However the greatest pride of us is the bass that we attached in our flagmen models, or as we call it MDTunes Bass™” - Dr. West proudly sumized. Dr. West expanded that nothing affects his patients so comforting and healing as thier memories of the wonderful times when they were carelessly starched on the decks of their yachts listening how wind play with sails. So, Sound-Lab perfectly imitate THAT sound, putting a patient into the sonic associative revivification that some patients had complained about thier see sickness and about the smell of spoiled fish.

“We have great admiration of the medial community… and even a wonderful audio press ” - Dr. Roger West finalized. “Some physicians even use special musical procedures to restore the health their patients…. In the end, the Sound-Lab Loudspeaking Medical Devises is the company that would help you to leave peacefully and calmly if you afraid of Sound or if you would like do not hear any sounds anymore.”

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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