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Paul S
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Dvorak/"Dumky" Trio/Beaux Arts; Good Stuff!
Pearl (Stereo) LP, SHE553

Here is a "bagatelle" from Dvorak; rather, a sack full.  The work is done up in 6 short-ish "movements" that are +/- rounds based on the Ukranian "dumka", a sort of semi-hysterical peasant dance that typically features the alternating/contrasting tempi one hears also in this composition, from its whole to each of its parts.

If you have not heard this music, then perhaps you have heard the Debussey and/or Ravel String Quartets, or perhaps the Smetana Trio, which might "prepare" you for the "unusual" tenor of this piece.  Here, the Beaux Arts Trio is wholly worthy of its reputation, not for fast play but for mature, coherent play.  The piece is not left in fragments, nor is it blended, but it is rendered just right, sprightly and INTERESTING throughout. They don't look forward and they don't look back but they follow the composition so well that they create it as they play.

This is good stuff from Dvorak, and the BAT gets it, and so will you.

The recording and the LP are both very nice, which I say despite having gotten my speakers to the point where they, themselves, are unlistenable.


Paul S
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