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Romy the Cat

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RDANA - about banning nouns in Audio.

I a very much am sitting on sidewalk of audio. 10 years back I was paying attention to mainstream media, was buying and evaluating audio equipment, traveling around the country and around the world listening different installations, maintaining good relationships with dealers and distributors, become befriended with many different manufacturers, attended audio shows, had natural interest in audio trends and movements. Nowadays all those interests are long gone. Well, not the interests in audio gone but rather my involvement in audio as in socially interactive event is gone: I do not find it gratifying or stimulating. Last years my interest in audio progresses through self-realizations rather then exercising the old externally-peripheral observation methods. It is not that I am against collaborations but the level of audio collaboration that I would like to have I do not have and the level that I might have excites me very little.

Still, quite regularly I read audio publications. Do I do not subscribe anything, I read the thing on-line and perhaps twice a year I buy a magazine or two in bookstore if I have a very boring lunch. What is very interesting that as time goes by I am loosing an associations with not only what the people who are plugged in audio and walk across the mainstream are taking about but also I am losing a sense HOW they are talking about audio.  Of course I perfectly understand where they are coming from and what they are trying to say but since I understand more than they do (in what is important) I know that they are wrong. Hey are in many cases wrong not by intention but the fact that they are not able to talk and to think about audio without the crutches of mental virus that the stupid audio industry implanted in the brains of all audio participants.

So, being an altruistic constructivist as I am, I decided to give a great took to audio people by proposing my RDANA concept. Mimicking the Glen Gould’s celebrated “GPAADAK" plan I would like to propose my own plan – RDANA or “Romy Doctrine for Abolition of Nouns in Audio”.

Nouns are evil in audio and then must be abandoned. Along with nouns the names of companies, names of models and any other “name of things” must to be banned in audio. Instead of using nouns audio people shall use the functional purpose and benefits that the formers nouns served. The people like me have phenomenal skills of doing it. When I come to this country 20 years back I spoke zero English and for a long time I had no knowledge how many this are labeled.  What I when to store to buy a first pooper-scooper for my Cat I had not idea what the name of it and I was explaining to a clerk that I need a “machinery designed to manage a feline bowl movement”. I know it might sound ridicules but the benefit of this ridiculness is that if a devise “does not manage a feline bowl movement” then it ether has no name or not called pooper-scooper. Now apply it to audio – why we call a loudspeaker a devise that do not sound loud and why we call an amplifiers a devise that make noise louder but not music louder.

So, what I propose by my RDANA is absolute abolition of primary nouns not only when audio people talk about audio but the most important what they think about audio. It requires a lot of self-discipline and know amount of training but the benefits are enormous. Suddenly by mentioning of a specific tube or a cartridge we bring to our cognitive perception a collection of adjective and verbs. Adjectives describe the characteristics of performance and verbs describe the benefits of the performance. If so, then why a talking person needs to encode a message to a listener via mentioning a noun? Would it be easier for both of them to exchange the adjectives and verbs?  This way there is absolutely no room from any ambiguity or miss-assessment and the socialization of audio people might just to become make sense.

So, Nouns are evil in audio and much be absolutely eradicated. Companies and products need to be renamed into a collection of adjectives and Verbs and FCC shall assure that wrong adjectives shall not be attached to wrong products.  A few year of the new world order in audio linguistic will be superbly beneficial  to public and then who know, perhaps the nouns then will be abolished by politicians…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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