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Italy’s the best: Michelangeli the composer.

People know that I am huge fan of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and religiously collect each single note he ever played. What is much less known that Michelangeli was a superbly gifted composer. Well, perhaps not a composer but “harmonizer”.

I got the Divox CDX-69902 where Coro della SAT chorus performs Italian old song arranged for them by Michelangeli. It is beyond just talented – it is phenomenal.

The chorus:  http://www.corosat.it/index-e.htm

The CD: http://www.divox.com/records/canti-poplari-michelangeli

Some harmonies in there are so wild that would make Bach himself to turn in grave - I mean to turn in grave from pleasure and appreciation for the Michelangeli’s composing gift.

I nominate this CD as my best buy in 2010 so far.

The caT

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