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Wiring for box speakers?

I'm looking to internally wire to binding posts on exterior of box from woofers in a sealed cabinet. I was wondering what are some options for wiring that will not be a hinder. Would a heavy gauge copper 6nine's copper be sufficient? I'm using some commercial cable from amp to box that I'm happy with. I'm thinking of removing the screw on posts on the woofers as well and soldering direct to coil leads.

Is there true benefit of low inductance in speaker cable with first hand observation?

Would there be different characteristics needed in internal wiring for woofers than midrange or tweeters in a box?

Romy, I know you like your Purist cable to your compression drivers and I think Fane but what did you go with in the bass cabinets and injection channel?

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A Cable for Bass? I wish I would know a right cable

 Miab, since what I became an expert in cables? I am as much as anyone else – a subject of accidental discovering...

I do not use in Injection Channel any fancy cables. There is not a lot of need for it.  The Injection Channel is mixed with Macondo in respect to what Injection Channel does. Whatever it does including the cable, so, there is no need foe any cable experiments.

The cables foe bass channels is tough, ether internal or external. Most of the High-End cables tend to be full-range and not too good for LF only. It would also greatly depend from how far into midbass/upperbass your woofers in sealed cabinets go. I think the inductance in speaker cables is not relevant. You will have a microscopic inductance that will create a low-pass filter but the amount of this inductance is minuscule and the filter will be at many kHz. The inductance of VC of your driver will be order of magnetite higher than any inductance of the cables. In cable for bass I would watch for min impedance and lover capacitance. The cable capacitance is a high-pass filter and implicate is a waste of damping. Generally 8-10ga pure copper cable is a good direction to start.

I for my woofer towers use old version of Aural Symphonic cupper cable that I feel is better than Purist Dominus for lover bass. My towers are wired with 10Ga cooper with very thin isolation. Anyhow, you might find Gauge Resistance per foot info useful.


You might find the same info for aluminum, silver and alloys…

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