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Romy the Cat

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Faital compression drivers and Ketone diaphragms

Scott from the miserable Afghanistan was strategizing about his new 5-wsy installation and sketched to us Faital drivers. I knew nothing about the company, looked them up and find that the do some compression drivers with Ketone diaphragms.


I know nothing about Faital drivers. Most likely it is crap as the target for stadiums and church listeners. Can you imagine if in stadiums and church people have good sound and actually hear what is being told there?  People would keep kill themselves or each other! Anyhow, I never heard the Faital drivers and the information that they provides is not enough to be able to predict anything.

The site has a video section with a number of lame explanations about their speakers. One of the videos I found worth to mention as it is unexpectedly pleasantly-cheesy:

Courtesy to FaitalPro : Doyle Audio Engineering is having more fun then we should with this fantastic Speaker component new to North America. Let's be honest now as I ask my fellow Audio Engineer, have we not all had a moment when we were singing "Beth" by Kiss, in our head as we where working late, trying to design that "Sound" and the wife\girl friend or both, would call us up wondering when we were ever going to be home. LOL.Alexandra Hart, who plays the part of the understanding women in this vid, doesn't actually speak Italian but did a great job showing the passion and understanding that we appreciate so much from all of our partners in this Rock n Roll business. Cheers.

Anyhow, if anybody know anything about the Ketone diaphragms then share.

Rgs, the Cat

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Does humour belong in audio marketing? YES! Great vid, hats off to Doyle.
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