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Charles Schlueter’s interview.
I few weeks about I read a very interesting book by Carl Vigeland  “In Concert: Onstage and Offstage with the Boston Symphony Orchestra” where Mr. Vigeland   covers the under hood live of BSO  through the 1986-1987 season. In the book there was a lot about the conflict that the great deal neurotic BSO principle trumpet player Charles Schlueter had with Seiji Ozawa. Charles Schlueter picked my interests and here is a good interview with him.  I do not particularly care about trumpet playing but what Charles said in his first part about relation between bad recording techniques the way how musicians play I find is VERY smart. The Charles comment the unfortunately the musicians are trying to play as characterless as bad studio recording I find is very observant. All together it is a great interview, even those I would prefer the interviewer would be not his closests friend and would ask more interesting questions.

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