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Romy the Cat

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Bye-bye Studer…

Source: http://twogoodears.blogspot.com/2009/10/harmans-managed-studer-or-end-of-swiss.html

The American Gray Cardinal Monster – Harman International, LTD that fucked up any single company that they owned, took over Swiss Studer.


October 13th 2009
Kandu Beads, New Haven, CT:

«I worked for Madrigal the High end division of Harman Consumer Group for 11 years. Harman bought our the company and within 2 years killed the Proceed brand, and ruined Mark Levinson and Revel. These amazing products that were the height of the hi fi industry in the 1990’s. By time harman got their hooks in it, they had the entire Mark Levinson brand made in china and the stickers that once proudly said, “hand made in the USA” now read “Designed in USA components manufactured in china”, as if to say, that the assembly and the design make up for the crap they are filling the boxes with. Harman fired all of the engineers that could actually hear the difference between beautiful voicing and and a piss hitting the bowl. Good luck fella’s because once Harman gets their mitts on a brand, they will destroy it. I hope the best for you. But i am afraid your cause is sadly lost.»

Interesting that in 10 years, when Studer will inescapably produce crap of level Gemini Sound Products the impotent cretins who will be working for them will be with typical for the industry idiots pomposity pontificate about sound and pretend that they have any clue what they are taking about. Sure it is sad but it is what it is and it is in a way normal. Studer will be dead very soon, one door closed, something else will be open. It certainly never will reach a level of sonic decency but what I would like to point out that in the epicenter of the sonic distraction will be not machines or circumstance but people - the educated, the full of themselves, pretentiousness, superior-feeling and very specific people-cretins .  This is how the things work…

The Cat

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