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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Burn any single-driver speaker in hell.

Sure, it is not a big deal to listen a single-driver speaker. However, if we presume that by means of audio means we are able to make any difference in auditable experiences, and if to capitalize on this difference is you objective (of the objective of high-end audio) then a single-driver speaker is the last topology that might be used.

If you are the person who do not know or do not understand the magic of voices combining or the delight when multiple timbres merge acoustically then you are who you are and die with your little pathetic secret of big ignorance.  A single-driver speaker, from the standpoint of advance audio results, is as bogus and is as capable topological idea as designing a bird with plumbum winds.

The Cat

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Burn SDP in Hell
This is really depressing but true! After living with single driver speaker's for a little over two years I have to concur with your finding. I thought I could make my single driver speaker's work with low watt set amps in my fairly moderate/small listening space.  Well it doesn't deliver.  Having been spoiled by Macondo and another friends multi driver system.  I am in the process of working with some folks to design and build a custom speaker.  It will have a gazillion drivers.

"It's like an act of murder; you play with the intent to commit something"--Duke Ellington
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Part of the Process
I think that single speakers are a good start, not the means to an end.

Romy, you are very adamant about the PROCESS. Gain experience, make changes based on what you learn. Is it not sensible to start with ONE DRIVER and learn its strengths and weaknesses. A 5" full range for instance would teach about "missing" mid bass power and majesty, how ugly a beautiful violin can sound, and many other things. It is very easy to put a 5" speaker into a closed box of sufficient size to not strangle the melody range. Without "BASS" and "HIGHS" to confuse us, we can better focus on the musical message instead of the hardware problems.

If we truly focus on the music, we learn a lot and become able to determine what should be next - perhaps a 2 way FAST system, small 2 way monitor or another extreme like Econowave.

It is my experience that the listeners that buy a truckload of "best" parts and have no simple listening experience take much longer to learn things. The PROCESS in my opinion DEMANDS starting simply and developing taste, feeling and smell inside of our bodies. 

It is no different with my trumpet students. They come to me and want to play high, loud and fast with no understanding of timing, intonation and melody line. I hate when we do NOT start simple!

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.
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