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Post Subject: Since I Brought It UpPosted by Paul S on: 3/11/2009
Well, Kevin Carter says he's had no trouble with his own Big Cardas parafeed caps, and his caps have been in service for 3 years.  He did not say anything about anyone else, but he did suggest there are plenty of other likely suspects where HF issues (etc.) are concerned.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, I recently learned that the big Cardas caps use the same 2-in-1, double-value-caps-in-series (as an anti-induction strategy) that the big Mundorf caps use.  I gather that the 2-in-1 Cardas caps are physically inter-leaved, so I now suppose that the "co-mingled di-electric" I mentioned (that Cardas mentions) earlier is not a Teflon/poly composite material but rather it describes one cap made of each  material, rolled to inter-leave and connect to the other in series.

Gee, that's great...  Now, the hair-shirt-ist in me is thinking that a less-complicated cap would "have to be better"...

In other words, my own brain would overload and self-destruct from audio-neuroses if I did not break the feedback loop with regular applications of pure skepticism, cynicism and self-abnigation.

Paul S

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