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Post Subject: What you do when you catch the ball.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/11/2009

I pitch for many times an idea that most of audio people never experienced any truly great level of high-end audio reproduction that might be a reference for their hi-fi objectives. Experiences from audio installations and live sound are different and it is much easier to families yourself with great sound of live even then with great sound from audio systems. Where an audio person might learn what the sound from audio playback might be? The trade shows, dealers, demo rooms, friends practically never deliver any serious results… Anyhow, let pretend that by act of God an audio person have exposed to an adequately-properly sounding audio installation. What do when you have this experience? This is the subject of my article.

Unfortunately most of audio people are dumb and when they experience an audio Sound that more able that what they are routinely accustomed to, then they begin to compile the enumeration of the audio components that is currently playing for them and built up their new shopping lists. They are under a faulty impression that if they run and buy the same models, brands and use the same cable elevators in the same fashion then they will get the same sound in their rooms. This never works of cause; I will leave the reasons aside and will concentrate on the subject of the thread: what to do if one catches the “audio bingo” and exposed on alien inhalation to better audio then s/he knew before?

The rule is simple – do not recognize the listening event as an audio accomplishment but rather treat the listening event as an accomplishment of your listening practice. That means that intend of kissing on an ass the amplifier, a cable or a tonearm of the given system a attributing to them the advanced level of audio results a listener must use this opportunity and to learn how his/her inner-him/herself react to the offered new objectionable level of audio reproduction.  Learning about own relationship and own understanding of the reproduced Sound server much greater benefits for listening practice then writing down the brand and the vintage of the tube that is bind used. Audis is about understanding the result and making desertions based upon the understanding. Most, 99% of audio Morons have no understanding or well-formed objective but only the fear to hide own misunderstanding. So, if you had a chance to be exposed to something in audio more able then you understood now then use this opportunity to extend the boundary of own horizons.

Trust me, your inner-conclusions and your feeling of own possession of new perceptive about audio capacity will server you moiré then you are able to understand now. It will serve you most certainly more then it you run out of listing room to a new round of idiotic shopping or building journey.

The Cat

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