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Post Subject: Fancy Cardas Caps: Good, to Better, to Worse in 1 Year?Posted by Paul S on: 3/8/2009
I have reason to suspect that my beloved large Cardas couplers have continued to loose HF past the point I described as "settling".  HF is no longer correct but rather attenuated relative to LF, and clarity has begun to suffer, too.

I will ask K&K's Kevin Carter if he knows more about this problem.  I will also try Cardas...

Remember, these Cardas caps are not oilers, but they are +/- regular, modern film caps, so I admit I did not give a lot of thought to reliability, apart from using them well within spec'd voltage, etc.  Of course, audio signal path use is a special case; but as near as I can tell, Cardas touts these for just this purpose.

I hope Cardas has not already circled the wagons, as manufacturers are wont to do in response to defects.

Paul S

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