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Post Subject: Spacial informationPosted by el`Ol on: 3/6/2009
 drdna wrote:

What is revealing is that the system functions poorly with recordings with a lot of reverb. This is what one would expect of course, given the setup. Probably the best recordings to play on such as system would be the old Three Blind Mice records and such, due to their being recorded with the musicians in separate anechoic chambers. The recordings sound strange on a traditional stereo, but on a Carlsson type setup, they might be quite magical.

Hello Adrian!

It just came into my mind that I have a CD that goes in this direction, multiple mono recordings in quite dead room(s), panned, no additional reverb, some indio music from Bell Records, early eightees. The result on the Carlsson setup is very strange. There is no information about distance on the recording and the Carlsson-like speakers donĀ“t add some, either, what results in some kind of headphone sound.
On the other hand old BIS recordings done with the Sennheiser MKH-105 omnidirectional microphone are truely revealing, with reach-out-and-touch realism, not diffuse despite of the large amount of (natural) reverb.


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