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Post Subject: Wow, what a news!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/6/2009

After a few complains of mine to BSO about the ridiculousness of this new digital files programs (the ways how BSO does it) they apparently got sick from me and game me a phone of BSO New Media Manager. I spoke with him today but I literally was not able to bitch about anything as the news he gave to me exceed all my expectations and made me almost horny.

Richard, (it was his name) was not only familiar and well understood all problems that I intended to complain about but he had a ready to go solutions. Get this. BSO is about to release two new downloadable uncompressed formats: 44/16 and 88/24. The prices for 88/24 are plans to be very aggressive – even lover that the 5-chenal files now.  Furthermore the 88/24 file will be available not only for the newest James Levine collaboration with BSO but also for selected BSO archives! Holly cow!

The first batch of the new Levine’s recording in 88/24 BSO wikll make available on April 6. I asked them do not remove the walk-in and applauds from the recordings and to start the files from the few seconds before of the door for a conductor is opened. They might even comply with it!!! OK, we are going somewhere…

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