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Post Subject: Sure, she is a fool but there is more to it.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/6/2009

 scooter wrote:
"They have even more warmth and ambiance than MP3" Even more!?!?!?

On related note, I saw the BSO tonight (Sibelius, Rachmaninoff and Ives); the evening had its ups and downs although I enjoyed Steven Hough. While at the Symphony Hall I picked up the BSO's recent release Daphnis et Chole.

There is quite a lot of absurdish in her writing and thinking, this stressing of “resolution” is so funny. Ask her what resolution is and she will not be able to say. When you when to BSO last night did you see a lot of “resolution”? Anyhow, the problem with CASD is much deeper then those smile “people” are able to understand, I juts brought her up as she is a “typical”.

Anyhow, I thought to go on Saturday but decided to skip, - I will record it today and tomorrow primary because the Steven Hough. He is very interesting guy; did you get his Hummel concerts yet? – even though I cough a few of his performances where he was not in a shape.

On related note. Last night he WHRB broadcasted SF under James Gaffigan . The Liszt’ Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat was wonderful, the young Yundi Li played piano. In the end they played the second Suite from Ravel’ Daphnis and Chloe. It was kind of “modern” reading but the SF was juts brilliant.  Well, not too much for then brilliance of the event. The Morons David Elliott from WHRB marinades the CDs he got from SF in barbecue souse (or something of the same magnitude of complexity) and as the result the damn CD with the broadcasts is skipping, craps pops and all imaginable noises.  It is very-very simple to address it but that idiot does not care and consider it beyond him. How related is it?

 You see, the problem is that the very same attitude “I do not give a shit” that WHRB‘s David Elliott  has is very much dominating among the people who produces today SACDs (it is in addition to the fact that SACD is faulty and semi-criminal technology to begin with). If you take a CD layer of any SACD and carefully pay attention how it was “mastered” than you might see very clearly recognize what they had in mind what they produce those CDs. It is the same stupid WHRB Elliottism what a person just do not give shit about very rudimental problem with sound but fancy himself as “audio establishment”.

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