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Post Subject: The SACD euphoriaPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/5/2009

Teresa Goodwin from positive-feedback gave a birth to a drooling article about her admiration of SACD

I read it as a chronicle of a person who was catapulted from other planet as I feel that SACD is a huge destruction of music. Ms. Goodwin feels opposite and it looks that she is one of those “buy only SACD” type of person. Well, how different the world is. Each time I accidently touch the SACD I them wash my hard with concentrated Clorox…

Anyhow, some of Teresa’s comments are truly spectacular that makes very emblematic of most SACD-only Morons:

“A real high resolution SACD will be from …, PCM at 96kHz or higher….”

“… we as consumers need to warned of low resolution prior to purchase.”

“ I never liked the sound of CDs but these MP3s were warmer and more ambient with less strident highs.”

“I find 24 Bit 96kHz lossless uncompressed music files have much greater resolution than any type of 44.1kHz music files. They have even more warmth and ambiance than MP3…”

“Microphones with the smoothest and widest frequency response should be used, at least to 40kHz or if on hand some of the newer microphones that extend to 100kHz.”

“Buy only SACDs”

“Tell them that SACD/CD hybrids make everyone happy…”

“Record Companies your choice: SACD or die?”

The Cat

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