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Post Subject: We know so muchPosted by clarkjohnsen on: 3/3/2009
Only, we don't know much about speakers do we?

In my kitchen I have a $180 (list) Sony mini-system with subwoofer that is very very satisfying. That price includes AM/FM, dual cassette wells and 3-CD changer! But it's the main speakers that do the trick and I don't know how they manage it but they have carrying power.

In my upstairs room where I have another one such just for easy use, as well as a real system with real speakers and real electronics etc, I was listening one night to Prairie Home Companion. Usually I will turn down the voice (with remote control) but I was intrigued in this instance by how real Garrison's voice sounded, so I left it up. Then the phone rings. I never answer during PHC, but I turned the volume down and picked up the receiver. It was my neighbor across the street, who apologized and said that Diane was ill in the front room and while they normally enjoyed whatever I was playing, right now the voice was coming through so loud... could I turn it down please?

But "loud" wasn't what it was. It was carrying power. And we're talking about, through two windows as well!

I've told the story around, but no one has a clue as to what may be happening here.


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