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Post Subject: BSO’s digital on trail.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/2/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:

It is a recursive subject at my site that the sad state of music/audio industry is not due to some cosmic or social reasons but due to the very specific and very idiotic actions of very specific individuals who run the industry. Here is the case to point.

A few months BSO started their service offering to download live BSO performances. A few days ago I have downloaded one performance. It was not MP3 but WMA Lossless, about 6 Gigabytes of music. What can I say? Listening what they did with sound it is too late to argue with them – all the is necessary to do with those people who made it is to take a grenade launcher and kill each single person who ever was involved in the production of those files. It is beyond being laughable of bad. What they did was lately a cultural terrorism and they keep any single people who got the files as a hostage. Ok, let not to kill them – let to cut their fucking hands off in order they never were able to touch any other recording…

What the most shocking in this whole story that no one from BSO of course has nothing to do with it. I am sure the BSO contacted some local “professional” audio studio that “pressed” for them the files. I am sure that the idiots who work there are “highly qualified”, perhaps well decorated by industry “recognition”. Well, do you want to understand what I mean? Invest $12 and download let say the Mahler 6 as I did. I will see what kind songs you will sing what you hear THAT.

Do I need to get softer on BSO, do I?

I have a local guy contacted me over weekend who downloaded BSO file and found them very appropriately sounding. He wanted to know why he and I had such a drastic different view about the quality of BSO files. So, I send hism my file and he send me his, our original WMA files had the same MD5 hash value.

His file did play orders of magnitude better then mine. After further investigation I realized that my WaveLab 6, while it plays the 5ch BSO files internally converts 5ch into 2ch and do a lot of other pressing that absolutely ruin sound. He, in contrary opens the 5ch files by multichannel editing software SoundForge 9, manuals copy two channel into a new 2ch file and saves it – how more idiotic shall it be? I wonder how many of BSO file buyers can play them in original ruined by multichannel processing 5ch version and how many will get the same result as I do by playing it by 2ch players.

With the size of the files that they offer it might be a good 88K version in two channels instead of 5ch in 22kBs. I also need to note that despite that those “properly extracted” two channels file sounded much better them my files but they did not sound appropriate to me as it was very well auditable results of heavy DSP processing.

The Cat

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