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Post Subject: Production ValuesPosted by Paul S on: 2/25/2009
Funny, I was just having more or less the same conversation earlier today, only in my case it was the straight-descent-to-Hell of Jazz and Classical programming in Southern California.

Is there any way to understand these problems?

Sure, there is (although accepting the situation is another matter, altogether...).

The problem is, "Air Time" itself is a "Product", meaning, it has "Value", in terms of Money, in and of itself, at least in the eyes and dimly-lit minds of the folks-who-decide-such-issues.

OTOH, since Art is NOT and will never be a "Product", its "Value" in terms of its worth, in terms of Money, in terms of Air Time, etc. is always open to question, ie, how much Time and Money is a piece of "music" worth to "invest" in (to try to make more Money with it)?

Meanwhile, the Morons who get paid to fill the "Air Time" and/or "create the Products" either have no idea of what separates Art from "Product", or they don't care when it comes time for "Business", so it is Hit-and-Miss at best and Not-Likely at worst in any given instance when "Business" is concerned, and "versus Art" is only in OUR dreams, because these bums flat do not differentiate.

How pervasive is this?  Go to the effing concerts and watch and listen as the audience goes nuts for a performance you only stuck around for to verify that people generally don't get Music any better than they get Economics or Astro-physics.  And the same people that blow capillaries applauding that dreck are the ones who go home and order up the subsequent e-files for "enjoyment" at home, the office or for "impressing the right people..."  And they are HaPpY with it!

Face it:  They don't get it and they are not going to get it because to them it's just another form of entertainment, likely with less far less importance to them than Fast Food.  Or, from the "creative side", it's just another "investment" taking the form of a music-ish commodity.

Anyone invloved in Marketing has had years of Statistics and Statistical Analysis, and it is this and Money and not Art or Aesthetics that motivates the decisions of the sort we are talking about here.

Let's hear it again for the Happy Accident; not only gear, but recorded music, as well.

Paul S

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