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Post Subject: The idiotic 1-bit DSD format vandalizes everything.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/23/2009

That is so much pisses me. A few days back I posited this like and was laughing that this guy record in DSD (which is in fact not DSD but SACD, I do not think he has access to DSD) in order to sell his recording in PCM 2X and 4X? Why do those people do not record in PCM?

I was predicting 10 years back that the dominance of idiotic SACD format will force people who do recording to record in SACD (the actual surrogate of DSD) and then to consider the PCM transfers as “equal to master copy”. Wary sad but it is how they feel nowadays.

Last week I bought a few new recordings that I very much would like to have. The CDs have a note:

“The CD was recorded using the Direct Stream Digital". Mach of the added resolution afforded by DSD process in standard CD production by using dedicated DSD conversion.”

It means that the masters of the recordings DO NOT EXIST in PCM but exist only in the fundamentally screwed 1-bit SACD.  That is very sad…

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