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Post Subject: The UnipheyeMusic and Studio Master Reference...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/19/2009

Here is another provider for digital files: the Unipheye Music from Philadelphia sunbirds.

I was considering ordering the Beethoven quartets disk but they have no PayPal checkout option and I do not fill those checkout forms anymore on their site as they twice crashed on me.

The UnipheyeMusic music does something what I like the sell the “raw” files, not the idiot DVD-A format but the actual .WAV files – that is a very good sign.

Now is what I do not like. They sell WAV files – it means that it has 2G max and it means that the tracks cut in separate WAV files – I found it very uncomfortable play in DAW  as I need to click each file. Also, I very much disagree with the prostitution of the fashionable phrase “Master” files. It looks like the original recording was made using the inferior 1-Bit DSD format hen just converted to PCM. This is not kosher to begin with. Then the UnipheyeMusic sell different PCM files 96, 44 and so on… are they just down-sampling of some kind 172K PCM master or direct conversion from DSD to 44/16? Anyhow, I feel that the notion of “raw files” with UnipheyeMusic is kind of blurred.

The last one. It annoys me that UnipheyeMusic trying to sell the Beethoven String Quartet No. 11 and have absolutely no information about the performing event or about the musicians who performed the work. I do not need to read the comment from a bunch of hoodlums who admired the sound - I will make my own judgment. I however would like to know who, why and how play the Quartet No. 11. From the MP3 file that was sampled I was not impressed by nether performance nor recording. I might try to get the file to see if anything will be better at full bloom of the “raw file” …

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