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Post Subject: Behringer DEQPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/14/2009

I played with this Behringer DEQ unit for a couple hours. What the magnificent machine would it be if all functionalities work! I mean they all work but they all make sound like shit, even this unit in hard-bypass sounds like shit and there is no other word that might identify the DEQ’s sound. Anyhow, I find the Behringer DEQ just unusable. It is a wonderful conceptual toy that has unfortunately no use in more or less serious audio installation. I have many thoughts about tactical and strategic problems of digital EQ generals’ but the example of Behringer DEQ is so poor that it does not even encourage me write more about it.

I have seen a few people proposed a number of modifications of Behringer DEQ unit, like changing DACS, changing output stages and so on. They claim many advantages in sound but looking at the framework of their audio objective, their heavy-metal musical interests and their Best Buy level of sound understanding I do not extend any credit neither to their assessment nor to their modifications.

Anyhow, the Behringer DEQ turned out, as much as its predecessor, to be a big and unusable disappointment. If anyone heard the DEQ then you know why I discard people who drive their ½ million-worth system from digital crossovers.

The Cat

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