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Post Subject: The sounds of silencePosted by jessie.dazzle on: 2/5/2009
My experiences would confirm that much of what gives depth to “silence”, does indeed lie in low the frequencies.

In order to keep peace with my neighbor (even at very low listening levels), after 10:00 PM, I absolutely must attenuate the ultra-low frequency channels (see note at end). Once these channels have been dialed down, the 3D quality of “silent” passages is much less palpable.

For the period of one week, I had the first mid-bass horn playing (still without rear chamber), and, though it is only one channel, it does also seem to contribute to conveying space in "silence". More on that later...


Note at end : Ultra-low frequency channels = Two 16 cu ft enclosures, each having an 18” driver, working from 18 - 80 Hz.

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