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Post Subject: Vitavox’s S2 Survival Guide.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/16/2004

ventolin vs proair hfa

ventolin vs proair

I keep receiving those emails when people complain about the ballooned publicity and stuffed reputation of Vitavox S2 compression driver.  I completely agree: the Vitavox S2, in the way how the Vitavox originally used it in their speakers and in the ways how ALL people with whom I’ve spoke continue to use it today, is NOT particularly interesting driver and has a LOT of problems. However, there are ways to use this driver and the special precautions, that might take it’s performance at totally a different level, and this level would not only be marginally more “interesting” then the “default” Vitavox S2 but also supremely more remarkable then any another compression driver out there.

The “Vitavox’s S2 Survival Guide” is currently being written and will be posted in here and at the Peter’s Vitavox Unofficial Site ( when the writing will be done (I could estimate a couple weeks, depends the time  and mood I have in my disposal). Let stand by and have fun observing the “revised” EBay prices. The VitMessiah is coming….

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