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Post Subject: What DHT driver would give enough gain to run 801A into A2?Posted by gordan on: 1/28/2009
guy, i noticed you've mentioned a DHT 10Y linestage.

i'm wondering what are your thoughts if there is a relatively easily obtainable (in say lifetime quantitiesSmile) DHT (or triode stripped DHP or DH tetrode a la 307A or 807) capable of driving 801A safely into A2 class, interstaged or direct coupled?

i agree with your findings re tent labs DC filaments supply - i have a rather similar thing in my current 10Y SET amps and they do the job correctly on all the 3 stages the amp utilizes.

the reason i'm mentioning 10Y/801A family is that they are still affordable on a silly tube market - you can buy a lifetime supply for a price of a RCA 2A3 NOS pair, plus they IMHO sound better - less prejudiced towards a romantic SET sound we all know (and some try to avoid).

best wishes

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