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Post Subject: The invitation from the Cat?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/20/2009

 drdna wrote:
It might also be instructive to have Joe visit Boston and listen to Romy's system, but I bet he would not go either.

Probably, it would be instructive but I really do not want it to be as some kind of competition between the installations or a competition  ofthe methods to prove/illustrate compare each other reference points. I generally have tendency to do invite and do not play my playback for audio visitors if the specific of listening objectives are defined. I do not recognize any specific audio interests in Joe comments and I see no musical objective in his expressions. I am very far in understanding of audio as the “Rolling Stones playing live at Yankee Stadium on Western Electric triode”, so to me is more important what was in the eyes of beholder in order to interpret his/her definition of Truth.

Anyhow, I do not know what drive Joe in his Silbatone verbal creativity.  Was it the Silbatone actual performance or was it the scrupulous calculation of Google return order and the desire do live the Silbatone criticism of skepticism without answers,. The second reason is not necessary a bad one but I does not require the “actual listening” to found a common ground for judgment.

So, anyhow, I guess I am obligated not to extend my invitation to the virtual and silent Joe’s Korean folks. I kind of do it but I would like to warn that I by default am not in love with people just because then know what the different between grid and plate, know by heart the biography of Guglielmo Marconi  or memorized all VTF for all  versions of SPU cartridges. If you guys feel that you might impress me with something more than feel free to abuse my hospitality what you found yours in Boston. I am sure that if you found you as the “interesting listeners” then I will be able to demonstrate something that you might find worth to experience.

The Cat

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