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Post Subject: The follow up for the considerations.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/16/2009

Joe, I do appreciate that that invitation is open-ended and I might take advantage of it sometimes. Frankly I do not feel any specific temptations that I need to “drop everything” and to run to another side of the globe to audition the Silbatone. The Silbatone folks might feel an urge to show off their speaker to many people and might understand it, women do the same when they buy a new dress and what to show them off, but the existence of a new opportunity is not a motivation for employment of the opportunity. The fact that the new Manger loading is available is a good fact, so what? The new ways of sound reproductions and new drivers invented each year, even I invented two. Does it make us, the users, have a need to families ourselves with everything? I do not think so, sure if the opportunity will come then why not – the more divert experience the merrier, but the fact that somebody load a new horn is not something the made me to lose sleep.

Also you and your Korean friends are wrong if your feel that criticize Silbatone. I do not. I mildly mocked the WE fetish at the Silbaton’s site and I do criticize the single-driver topology in general. If it sound as my direct “criticizing” of Silbatone then I think it is the problem of perception not expression as I had no intention to “condemn” anything about Aporia specifically. I just never thought about it deeper then the fact that it is a single-driver speaker.

The Mirrophonic aspect of the Korean’s projects sounds more interesting. I did heard and analyzed the WE speakers elements a few time, never was pleased with them but I never heard the complete original Mirrophonic installation set up by the WE’s snobs. (In thins connotation the word snob did not mean to offend).  I never heard it and my initials reaction was that it might be interesting, particularly after reading your flowery literatures about “Mirrophonic shock”. Then, before I initially replied to your invitation I decided to perform a minor really check.

Pay attention: you stress the Mirrophonic hype but you do not acknowledge the contra-arguments, stressing the people ignorance with the pure WE’s results. Did you ever think how good the very same WE, RCA, Klangfilm, Telefunken gear might be if those people who made  the gear did not targeted to low standard movie reinforcement system but used all their taste and all their materials to fulfill the high-demands of contemporary home sound reproduction? Do I need to name you many compromises of the movie reinforcement objectives and the design shortcomings of those systems? Or perhaps you drop the mask of ignorance from your face and admit that you do understand and know all of it yourself, perhaps many years before I even discover it? Joe, I did read some of your Altec articles that indicate that you do have a lucid sight on those subjects, so use it.

There is something more in the subject of your promised “WE’s brain ejaculation”.   After reading your invitation I called to a friend of mine who had a lot of exposure to a LOT of vintage gear. When I say a lot I really mean it and in his case I might also presume that whatever he own or owned you probably never have seen.  We have differences in views with him and I found many of his audio outlooks conditional but he is not a fool and generally has an atypical for audio level of sincerity. The reason why I called him because I was trying to validate with his experiences your “Western Electric mania” and to leverage my expectations before I “drop everything and run to listen the Mirrophonic” . Hi did hear a number of absolutely esthetic and very seriously installed WE systems, I mean the complete systems, up to the very fine details, assembled and supported by absolutely obsessed fanatics. They were not just the complete WE systems but the very biggest and the most expensive of among the WE did. If you know the WE world (and you were one of the people who propelled it) then you might already know where he heard them). What makes him particularly in this perspective interesting that he also heard the one-before-the-current reiteration of my own playback and knows where I am coming from. We also together with him heard one of those “perception changing” playback system as few years back, so, we have some common references and we can fill the same words with the same meanings. So, I called him and asked abot his opinion if it truly would be “orgasmatick” for me to fly to Korea and to lose my virginity about the presumably properly set up WE Mirrophonic gear. He knows what I was exposed to, he generally has an idea what I have in my own room and he well knows the possible results from the Mirrophonic installation. So, he suggested that it will be NOT overly exiting for me and NOT eye-opening. He did mention that WE have a number of positive moments but it will be for me as far from a “revelation” as… I predict. So, I do not mind to drive 2 hours, hear the results and to talk about the Sound but I do not know if I even consider to invest 20 hours to fly in one way. Not to mention that no one promised an interesting talks about Sound in Korea…. So if it happens then it happens but I see no reason to instigate anything at this point.

 Joe Roberts wrote:
South America is a valid destination. If you do it right it can be almost audio-free.

I would propose this quote of yours as the best thing that you ever have written. I really mean.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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