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Post Subject: The considerations about the trip.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/15/2009

-  I did whatever I could, I whispered to him the most seducing, but he refused it.
-  Whatever you whispered to him I know, - replied Voland, – but it was not the most seducing.
However, I would say to you, - smiling he referred to Master, - that your novel still will bring surprises to you.
Michael Bulgakov “Master and Margarita” (link)


I appreciate the invitation. I frankly have no specific interest about Korea, despite that reputation about the Korea hookers is stronger than the reputation of Western Electric. I hope your Korean friends do not feel offended – I just did not develop any itching curiosity about Korea. I do have the “itching curiosity” about South America where I am planning to go but that is a different side of the map…

I am sure that Korea is some kind of Asian oasis of audio and has more hi-fi shops per capita then Amsterdam has diamond cutters but frankly speaking a critical mass of EMT927 tables within a sq. foot of country surface does not ignite a chains reaction in me that would make me to jump like a wounded in ass antipope to “see” it. I admit that in 90s I was different and I did travel in search for those “sharp audio sensations”. The problem with me at that time was that I did not know what I was looking for. I think I know now and I know that what I am looking does not arrive just after 20 hours of flying somewhere, sponsored by the 600 scientists and a few wily marketing chess moves. I found it kind of disconcerting that you guys extend invitations to me forgetting to promise/imply a noble amplitude of own sonic accomplishment but instead do not forget to promise that I will “see more audio gear in one day than I have seen in my life”. Did I impress you as a junky form the web site who gets off from the pictures of the Akihabara debris? 

I do like your assurance that I might hear “stuff I never encountered before” but I do not like the word “stuff”" in there. Might be I read too much in what you say but, Joe, you never talk about Sound and only talk about the toys to severe external sonic amusement. So, I read in your words no more then you put in them. Also knowing that your entire interest about the this subject is purely conceptually-commercial I have to take under the consideration the coloration of your judgment, not as much about the Silbatone but more about my expectation that I have to leverage. I truly do not know that referents points the you use and you give no pointers of reference.

I still would consider visiting your Silbatone folks if I found myself in your part of the world if they still have interest in me then (the last one was very loaded comment). If I do so then I would certainly NOT take them upon the accommodations and entertainment (come on, I do not play those stupid games, invite Srajan the Ebayen  (link) for that whoreshit).

I think that listening that “promised land” WE system and perhaps for an appetizer the back-loaded Manger would be an educational and I hope for both of us. I am sure you and your Silbatone folks would also find edifying my explanations what in the sound of their speakers and the sound of Mirrophonic is not how it might/shell be. Still, all of it is a globe-away and in the place where I was not intended to go. Even with all my desire to treat my ego by “helping” you guys with Sound I think that to sacrifice 20+20 hours in plain would be too much suffering. 

Once again, I do appreciate the invitation and  if I were in your neighborhood then I will try to abuse your hospitality.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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