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Post Subject: An Invitation for the CatPosted by Joe Roberts on: 1/15/2009

This is your lucky day! The owner of Silbatone Acoustics wants to invite you to Korea as his personal guest. Pick a date in March. You pay the plane ticket and he will pick up all accommodations and entertainment.

You can hear the Aporia versus the top of the line five driver Manger factory speaker to compare topologies.

You can see the company's 20 million dollar "pilot drying" paint line that the speakers are painted on (no octopus involved). No other audio manufacturer has the painting capability of Silbatone...but you brought up paint. I'm more interested in sound.

You can visit the research center of the parent company, where 600 scientists are employed, and meet the PhDs who developed the unique foamed resin the speakers are made from.

You can have the Mirrophonic orgasm and be initiated into the cult. Be sure to bring a white robe and a candle.

He will provide a car and driver so that you can visit the high-end shops of Seoul and see more audio gear in one day than you have seen in your life until now.

As someone who speaks Korean, Japanese, and Chinese fluently, he thinks your "Asian sound" theory is flawed, overgeneralized, and has some racist overtones, but he thinks you probably don't mean it that way.

My friend thinks that you have probably already said so much that you can't backtrack on your words about WE and single drivers and so forth, but maybe you will learn something new for yourself by making this trip.  I guarantee you will see and hear stuff you never encountered before.

Anyway, this is a serious invitation. Let us know the dates you can make it and all reservations and arrangements will be taken care of.

Seoul is an interesting place and the audio group we know is a lot of fun. I say go for it if you can.


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