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Post Subject: “Why do I need all those technical manuals?” - Amuse to Death by Roger WatersPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/15/2009


I personally very much disagree with my own comment that for two people objectively assess a speaker would be possible ONLY with two parties are sitting in the same room and listening to the same installation. I did propose it as a “remedy” in context of our conversation about Silbatones but I made this conclusion just as I understood that this exchange goes to nowhere. In reality there are very much objective and free from corruption of personal perception methodologies of audio assessments. I did not see you nether used them in past (I am familiar with your views only by your articles) not express any interest to evolve on the subjects of audio evaluations. So, therefore I think the only plausible solution would be to sit in the same room and to point fingers to the specifics as many people have no idea what they listen while they are listening.

Deriving from what I said in the paragraph above I refuse to support the notion that the idea of “good mental pornography might be different” between the people. Yes, the idea of mental pornography is different but the idea of fidelity of music interpretation is very much uniformed. Any more or less worthy musician or music listener around the world have very little ambiguity about the “rightness” of musical ideas presentations. The transparency (or at the higher level - expressivity) by acoustic systems the attack of a performing event upon the musical ideas is one of the criteria of my evaluations and I care less how much a speakers better or worth then Lowthers.  Anyhow, it is much further subject then how good Silbatone’s bass and how much plastic coloration it has. If you would like to read more about my views on the subject then read about the narration about my Macondo:

At this point let settle that Silbatone is some kind of single-driver loudspeaker that used a new type of driver and make the common claims that it is not just a “single-driver loudspeaker”. If I have a change I would certainly listen it or even better I would wait for the Silbatone Aporia MKII that would cost twice more and would have a channel above and a channel below.

One more thing that I would like to pass to you as to the person who runs marketing for Silbatone.  If you would like the people with no-nonsense perception pay attention to your (I mean Silbatone) statements then try to be specific and definite. If you feel that Manger is the key element of your speaker and if you feel that the alleged customization that Silbatone did on Manger is a critical element of the Silbatone design then have ball to talk about it. I do not propose you to divulge what exactly was done with Manger but I do insist that as soon a person refers to the fact that the Manger was “customized” then the person shell enumerate what specific sonic attributes of the default Manger were improved and what specific sonic shortcomings of default Manger were eliminated. This way a person who is familiar with Manger will have own judgment if the “claims of customizing”, also with other things are serious.  That what I call “no BS marketing” and it is very far from telling the stories about people coming suicides after listening Deep Purple on a playback with the Silbatone’s on the right channel and WE’s electromagnet on the left channel.

Romy The Cat

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