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Post Subject: You forgot to mention that it’s UPS shippable…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/15/2009

First thing first. I was running under impression that the cost of Silbatone Aporia under $100K. I was looking where I might get this impression from. I am sure it was a comment at some CES blog but I was looking and was not able to found it. Most likely I confused the Silbatone price with the price of the new speaker from that miserable Magico Company. Anyhow, if you say that it is $30k then it is very different ball game. The $30k retail is around low teens in wholesale and a few thousands to makes them. I found it justifiable and marginally to be in a right cost per topology ratio. I know, I know, you will be jumping over it claiming that for the sound they produce they sell coast 1.000,000 and the $30k is grossly underpriced but it is the cost how you value your own reported micro-orgasm not the cost of the loudspeaker. Let agree that the price of $30k is reasonable and move away from this. BTW, it is also not necessary to convince me that the cost of Aporia prodaction is super-high as the curves of the Silbatone horns are licensed from the layout of the corridors in the Egyptian pyramids and the paint that Silbatones are fished with is made from dyeing agent of octopus that lives only at south shore Jeju in Yellow see.

I also a bit turned off that you took the word Lowther literally and feel that I try to assume that Silbatone is the same as the Lowther. I thought it was clear that Lowther is a symbolic name for a single-driver idea and in this respect Silbatone is not different from Lowther. I did not make any accusation prosing that Silbatone might inherent all nastiness of the Lowther drivers.  The Feastrex reportedly do not have any of Lowther problems but it is still has all limitation of own class – the single-driver class. How different the Silbatone would be? I do not the answer but still let acknowledge that it is still a single-driver class loudspeakers.   You might argue it if you wish but I do not use the single-driver phrase as a insult but rather the term that sets expectations.

I do not think that there is a reason to continue to beat the dead horse. You had your desire to announce your view on the Silbatone subject. I had my desire to pay attention to the new horn-loaded Manger idea. I think if any of us had an interest to develop this desiccation further then the next step would be you and me sit in the same room, listening of the same loudspeakers and compare the notes about the heard. Without it all conversations are just shaking air with boneless tang and exchange of worthless epistolary.  I would reserve my further judgment about Silbatone, still having my expectation not too high. If you with to convince me that I am wrong then let me know when Silbatone installation become available somewhere near USA’s New England – I would not mine to drive short distance to listen them and then we would have a common ground for conversation about back horn-loaded Manger.

 Joe Roberts wrote:
If by "reduction of complexity" you mean to say that single drivers play small to medium scale music better than they play dense large scale, yes they are like this and so are all other speakers.

I very much disagree with it.

Rgs, The Cat

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