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Post Subject: Another contestant to win a Handicap Olympics?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/14/2009


A few comments I need to make.

First, about the WE.  I think it is a bit cheap, to bring to the table with me the arguments of the level that the “editor of the biggest and most influential magazine in the world, Stereo Sound, who can get anything…. but he goes with the antique WECO heavy metal.” You know yourself that it is chip and contra-productive but you do it, I wonder why. You are famine with the Japanese scene and the stupid prestige kitsch they have with WE. So, what?  I was in there and I have seen the attitude of the people toward to those thighs – I did not feel that it was a healthy breeding ground for interesting sound cooking, not to mention that I generally have a tendency do not like the sound Japanese get.

I hardly feel you would be to convey to me anything new about WE. The engineers at the WE time did not do the right things BUT they did not learn yet to do the wrong things. This is the only advantage that I see in some of the vintage gear.  Still, I feel that the demands of the commercial sound reproduction in 30 were way beyond the demands of home listening of our days and therefore whatever the best companies on the 70-year past did I more recognize as tools then the solution. I would prose to put the WE subject aside in context of this thread. Let keep the year on the ball and stay with Silbatone.

Second, about the prices. Yes, you are right – it is all relative and the $90K for a single driver speaker is not too much different than $15K for an interconnect with a foam isolation socked in urine of an adolescent pregnant camel. Oh, did I mention that the camel was impregnated by the ““editor of the biggest and most influential magazine in the world” and he impregnate anything he world but he have chosen the camel? Anyhow, returning back to sincerity. I think you and I use prices differently. You use price as a sale tool. I use price as scale to get a justification for topological complexity. With all your rational that Silbatone has a reasonable price within the ocean of price tag stupidity of high-end audio (and you might be correct) the Silbatone still remains a full-range-single-driver speaker.

Third, the Silbatone.  It might be good full-range-single-driver, it might beat the Lowther (is it really difficult?) but it still spinning somewhere in the single-driver universe with all sad consciences. I am sure that we all found that Handicap Olympics champions are very inspiring but we do not define the capacity of human athletics by the results of the Handicap Olympics champions. Silbatone is just another attempt to make a single driver to reproduce the whole frequency range. It might be good attempt but I personally consider the entire philosophy of minimum drivers is faulty one. Pay attention that no one ever comes up with justification that a single-driver has any advantages. The justifications people are trying to bring are incredibly bogus (like he single point source and etc…) and do not stand ground under more any rational and critical examination. There is the only positive moment of the single-driver is, as I said above – it might be simple, inexpensive and not demanding. So, therefore I think that any single-driver speaker that jumps outside of the scale of being “low-priced audio” I think define own class and disqualifiers itself.

Still, and It shell be stressed that I never heard the Silbatones and I never heard the horn loaded Manger, allegedly modified. I however, heard a great number of single-driver speakers. Do you think that Silbatone is not a single-driver speaker?

The Cat

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