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Post Subject: If to bring our possibility to the level of our capacity….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/13/2009


The “decoration” you described came from the fact that you wrote your message on MS Word that adds ugly formatting when you paste it into native HTML editors. I also write in Word and I uselessly before I unload my posts I paste my Word’s text into any plain text field and then copy it from there. It kills the nasty MS World formatting. I have back-end scheduled procedure that cleans up the MS World formatting, so you text is fine now.

Regarding the subject. I am not familiar with properly performing Mirrophonic installation. I heard different versions of WE sound but I have a lot of problem with them. The problems I have is not necessarily with the equipment (and I have to confess that do have disagreement with many WE ideas) but rather with people around the WE cult.  I stand for “authored” sound that is tailored to satisfy creative objective of system builder/listener. The WE cult do not stand for sense of own objectivity but they rather are subordinated to external, mostly extremely poor quality and low demands dogmas.  There is no questions that some idea that WE, RCA, Klangfilm, Bell, Telefunken  use before WWII were very much worth to capitalized upon but the “WE Cult” does not recognize good from bad. They are completely saturated with “vintage syndrome” and it is absolutely imposable to talk with them about the actual Sound.

Regarding the Silbatone. I appreciate that you wrote that marketing blab and that you admit a certain element of none-seriousness in it. Yes, the rule of the engagement dictates that hoodlums when they go to the commercial audio sites shell be exposed to a certain amount of verbs and adjectives in order do not be turned off.  I probably shell be less critical about it and do not bite an easy prey….

I do admit that I do not know Manger drivers. I heard them in 2-ways a few times, it was from “nothing special” to “compressed like hell” but I never paid more attention to them. Perhaps your Silbatone people did found a new way to use the Manger and it is possible that in this Silbatone horn the Manger doe not sound like Manger. Still, Joe, it will be no matter what a single drive in the ugly duplex application. I do not make any sonic claims about Silbatone but how much complexity might be expected from a single driver? We have an army of people who practice diminishing own requirements in order to meet a capacity of the next Foxtex, Lowther or Feastrex . They might be good MF drivers if used properly but why to push them to do what they did not mean to do.  Did you ever try to play with flute the party of contrabassoon? Why not?

The point is that in my view (and this is very prejudicial) no matter how good the Silbatone people cooks the Manger driver they still are the salves of the single driver topology that they chose to employ. I have to note that the topology that has no other advantages then low cost and low efforts to implement.

Here is what we hit an interesting point. If you read my site then I know that I am a proponent of the vision of “cost per topology”.  In my critics of $160K Lamm ML3 amps I expressed my view that a SET amp is reasonable to be as expensive as let say $10K for nowadays prices.  If it cost more than it become topologically devaluated as DSET topology for higher price is able to deliver much better result. The same is with Feastrex for instance – the might be wonderful MF drivers that are very good to listen  Piazzola quarters at 80dB  in the speakers that one built for 30 minutes and that juts dropped in the room for X-max party. How mach this speaker shell cost? Ok, $5K. OK, 10K. OK, 15K if it is a X-max party in Haliburton. But to have a price tag of $50K per driver I think it is an evidence that  the people who make them do not understand the limitation of the single driver topology. Now, now much the single-driver driven Silbatone cost?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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