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Post Subject: Aporia - Silbatone Acoustics speakerPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/10/2009

Looking at the pictures of CES I came across a new Seoul-based company Silbatone Acoustics that show off a new speaker “APORIA” in Vegas. It is a back-loaded Manger.

What I read the company philosophy I was not pleased.

I am not a huge fun of all those people who suck in the “unsurpassed sound of 1920s-1940s theater”.  I call them “Warehouse Audio” – they collect all that vintages garbage and staff themselves with mostly bogus legends but with each eBay bay and with each fraction of subordination to the 1830s WE, RCA or Telefunken cult the actual sound that they accomplish is more and more further from what I might call “interesting sound” . All those vintage suffers demonstrate the same cookie-cutter sonic surrogate-result in their rooms and what is the most important the surrogate of thinking about audio that I found incredibly boring. So, when I read the Silbatone’s introduction and looked at this picture I felt that it shell be a waste of time.

When I start read about the APORIA speaker that Silbatone Acoustics promotes as today’s version of their sound I was almost certain what they would say. This trans never was late and the playbook is well known: the custom commercial driver that later turn out to be not custom, to insistence that the speaker sets “the new standard in full range horn reproduction for today’s listener” and the desire to present shortcoming as the virtues (“excessive sensitivity can give rise to problems, including noise issues and limited usable volume control range”, Realsy?)

Still, despite my disagreement with the Silbatone people (come on, anyhow who state that a so-called single-driver speaker might be “new benchmark in musical experience in the home” is an unequivocal idiot in my view) I realized that I never heard a horn-loaded Manger and it might be fan to hear how it does.

I know CES show is not the best please to hear anything but if somebody heard Silbatones then let me know if they sound different from the army of Lowther, Fostex, Supravox, Jordans, LES, AER, PHY-HP, Feastrex and the rest  similar so-called full-range drivers.

The Cat

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