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Post Subject: TONE: back to the future in 2009Posted by RonyWeissman on: 1/5/2009
Hi Romy,

I have recently sent out my S2s for major cleaning/recharging job.  Pictures should be on the internet soon and I will post link if anyone is interested.  In the meantime I am listening to  a typical 2-way in sealed enclosure that I purchased new about 30 years ago and had in the closet.

Well I am overwhelmed by the tonality of these speakers.  I have been missing a lot of this type of "sound" in my horn system and am struggling with where to go next.  I read an earlier post of yours with a lot of interest.  It is where you talk about OOPS resonator and that listening to just the OOPS channel gives each violin the stradivarous sound, and each symphony the same feel... I spent a lot of time thinking and listening and I have to agree with that. What is difficult it is really only noticeable on classical music/opera as on jazz etc. the little 2-ways are simply stunning. 

Now I will have to figure out a way to integrate these things into my regulary horn playback as I am not willing to listen without the tone and overall "presentation¬® I am getting from the paper/plastic whatever drivers.  I am lucky enough to have preamp with two outputs so I can simply run the little 2-ways alongside my current horn set-up and see what happens.  Or I may make the S2s the OOPS channel and run them alongside the little 2-ways. 

I am very excited about my 2009 possibilities for changes in my system!

R Weissman

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